The Best Day Ever

Oh, hey there.

Guess what? I’m alive. I know. I’m as shocked as you are.

And of course just as soon as I started to feel better, my website decided to throw a fit and stop working. So although I’ve tried to post the last two days, I haven’t been able to.

Sigh. Just when I thought I’d fulfilled my trilogy of trouble.

But I’m all about the positive vibes right now. You know why? Because these guys are WORLD CHAMPIONS!

I am ecstatic. Absolutely beyond excited. But the boyfriend is by far the happiest I’ve ever seen him. There are five things in this world that make the boyfriend happy:

  • Baseball
  • The St. Louis Cardinals
  • Beer
  • Pizza
  • His brother

And Friday was the like the best day of his life because all five came together in the best way possible. Oh yeah, and I was there, too. 😉 As was our very own rally squirrel.

Yes, he’s wearing Roosevelt’s Cardinals jersey. And yes, he’s perched on top of the pumpkins in our window. And yes, he will remain there for a whole year until the Cards win the World Series again.

I’m all about the superstitions these days.

And I’ve been all about the take-out food since getting sick.

No, there were no salads in any of these containers...

I may be the only person in the history of the world to gain weight while being sick for over a week. What are you going to do? Remember my letter to my Skinny Jeans and the my new goals? Yeah. I realize both had to be postponed due to plauge I caught, but starting tomorrow that hiatus is over.

I know – you’ll believe when you see it. Me too.

But I’ve got a couple of hours unitl Monday, so I plan on resting up, watching the Cardinals parade, and drinking what’s left of the amazing tea I got from my October Foodie Pen Pal. More details on that to come later today, so check back!

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  1. Woohoo! Glad you’re feeling better, and you’ll bounce back to your healthy routine in full force so fast! Plus, everyone needs a takeout binge now and then.

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