Four Eyes

My obession with eyewear started early.

When I was in second grade, I really wanted a pair of eyeglasses. I don’t remember why – most likely because a friend had gotten them or I’d seen someone on TV wearing a pair. I’m such a follower.

Anyway, I remember trying to drop hints to my parents that I may be in need of prescription eyewear. You know, telling them I had a hard time seeing the board in class – that sort of thing. I bugged them so much that they finally took me to get my eyes checked. The result? Perfect 20/20. I confessed then and there that I really just wanted a pair of hot pink frames. Could I please just have some with clear lenses?

I’m sure you can guess how they responded to that request…

Alas, my dream of pink glasses was scattered to the wind. Fast forward to junior high. I’m told during my annual hearing and vision screening at school that my eyesight is now atrocious and I need to go see an optometrist. Did I still want hot pink frames? Absolutely not. Seven years had passed and I was now mortified by the thought of having to wear glasses.

But now that I’m the ripe age of 31, I don’t mind wearing my glasses from time to time. Plus I have this silly notion that they make me look smart. A stretch, I know, but just go with it, okay?

So when the lovely folks at contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a pair of their glasses out for free, I gladly accepted. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. The whole idea of buying glasses from the internet seemed a little odd to me. But after doing a little research I found out that, per usual, I’m way behind the times and all the cool kids are buying their glasses from the interwebs.  Who knew?

I liked Firmoo’s site from the get-go. It’s easy to browse and they have tons of amazing frames to choose from.  Their prices are very, very affordable – which is good because I don’t have massive amounts of $$$ to drop on designer glasses. Their site also has this neat Virtual Try-On tool that allows you to upload a picture or use one of their stock model photos to help you see how different frames will look on you.

After browsing through all of the different options, I settled on these:

What were you expecting? Hot pink? It was a close race but these days I’m more obsessed with tortoise shell.

I think they raise my IQ at least a couple of points...

The whole ordering process was extremely easy and my glasses arrived just two days after I placed my order – not bad! Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality. I love the look of my new frames and they are super lightweight. Also, they came with a two handy travel cases -which is awesome because I’m famous for losing my cases.

Now, don’t be jealous – you can get some new glasses from Firmoo for free too! Their Free Eyewear for New Buyers program focuses on providing free eyewear to first-time customers. So if you haven’t placed an order with them before, you can choose ANY EYEWEAR – prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses or fashion frames – at and get them free! All you have to do is pay for shipping – which in my opinion is  pretty sweet deal! For more details on the program, visit

I may have already cashed in on my free pair, but I’m thinking maybe a pair of prescription aviator sunglasses might be a good investment…And also maybe I should get some frames that have a little pop of color in them – you know, so I can look fun and smart…This could be trouble.

**Disclaimer: Obviously provided me with a free product to review, however I was under no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.**

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7 Responses to Four Eyes

  1. kilax says:

    That is too cute that you wanted glasses so bad that your parents had your eyes checked :)

    My husband is looking for glasses. I am going to send him this link! :)

  2. Kacy says:

    Haha, I did get my first pair of glasses in second grade. And then my crush called me four eyes and wouldn’t chase me at recess anymore. So traumatic, haha. I actually don’t mind them now, looks wise, but wearing them gives me a headache and hurts my nose and my prescription changes so often I can never see out of them after a few months so I stick to contacts. Annoying. But I’m scurred of the Lasik.

  3. I like the frames! My first pair was in 4th grade and I got the bright red Sally Jesse Raphael kind…I was so cool. I’ve had the same frames for WAY too long, I should probably invest in some new ones!

  4. haha I wanted glasses SO badly when I was younger too. I had perfect 20/20 vision, but in grade 4 because of my migraines, I got to wear reading glasses (we won’t talk about how the problem was allergies all along and the glasses did NOTHING to solve the problem). I pretty much thought it was the coolest thing ever, because I only “needed” them for reading, and that made them seem so much fancier than those kids that just had to wear their glasses all the time.

    Also, I really like those frames on you. They look awesome.

  5. I love these! I just bought new glasses today- but now I’m thinking I might need a second pair!

    I may or may not have read in the dark simply in the hopes that it would worsen my eyesight and I could have glasses.

    I guess it worked.

  6. Nichole says:

    File this under “no freaking way” – I just got back from a morning eye exam, lol. Couldn’t have timed it better! I love getting new specs. Yours are super cute!

  7. Kiah says:

    So dang cute! I’m not quite brave enough to branch out into the tortoise shell frame, but those are really flattering.

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